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Endoscopic surgery system for removal of radial artery Vasoview Hemopro 2

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The latest generation of Vasoview simultaneous dissection and sealing technology for endoscopic vascular Collection (EVH).

Precision and safety for unsurpassed conduit quality

The result of more than 20 years of continuous improvement, Vasoview Hemopro 2 is the latest generation of Vasoview simultaneous cutting and sealing technology for Endoscopic Vascular Collection (EVH).

Being the embodiment of Getinge's commitment to a high-tech and reliable design, Vasoview Hemopro 2 virtually eliminates thermal propagation and helps assemblers safely obtain high-quality conduits for coronary artery transplant operations (CABG).

The Vasoview Hemopro 2 Endoscopic Vascular Collection (EVH) system offers the highest level of design innovation and ergonomic sophistication. It represents the gold standard in the field of collecting vessels for the subcutaneous vein and radial artery, providing excellent visualization and exceptional maneuverability, allowing collectors to work more efficiently and effectively to improve patient outcomes.

Vasoview Hemopro 2 can also be supplied complete with a Vasoshield pressure monitoring syringe, which is convenient for users who use all the advantages of tools that help maximize the quality of the conduit.

Vasoshield pressure monitoring syringe is a device that protects blood vessels from excessive stretching and potential damage to the endothelium. It has also been proven that vessels washed at a controlled, lower pressure are more effective at overcoming

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