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Rectoscope R-OM 100x2

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The high quality and functionality of the device were awarded a gold medal at the SALMED exhibition


The BOB - R/OM universal set of rectoscopes is a medical device used for examination, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the anus, rectum and sigmoid colon.


The universal head (2) with a handle and a manual air pump (4) is attached using a fiber optic light guide (3) to a halogen light source BOB OM 100x2 (1), which has two independent light guides, which eliminates the risk of failure during operation.

Disposable and reusable tubes can be used with a head that has a 2x magnifying lens, allowing for better observation. We supply various types of disposable medical tubes for various applications produced by well-known manufacturers.

In addition, easily disinfectable reusable stainless steel tubes are available in the following sizes: (6) 30 cm long and 20 mm wide, and 8 cm long and 20 mm wide (7). Optical fiber (3) at least 175 cm long can end with a variety of additional tips suitable for all types of heads.

Efficient and silent cooling of the light source, as well as smooth adjustment of the lighting intensity, increase the comfort of use


Incandescent lamp power - - -

100W/12V - - -

color temperature

halogen 3200 ok

Incandescent period

1000 h

Dimensions - - -

BOB OM 100x2 -




3.8 kg.

Power supply

230 V 50 Hz

Mechanical adjustment of lighting intensity in the range 0-100%

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