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Digital Mammography System uMammo 590i HD

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The uMammo 590i HD digital mammography system is an advanced equipment that provides high–quality images during mammography. The system is equipped with a tungsten target X-ray tube and dose control technology, which allow you to obtain high-resolution images of dense breasts. The iCMP breast compression system adjusts the compression force to increase the comfort of each patient. This makes it possible to detect breast cancer at an early stage, which significantly reduces the risk of the disease. 

Fast one-touch positioning

The multifunctional positioning panel supports rotational and vertical movement, single-key axisymmetric positioning and positioning according to the following protocol with one key, which ensures a fast and efficient mammography workflow.

Intelligent compression system

Intelligent adjustment of compression force and distance according to different breast thickness and breast density, ensuring high image quality while ensuring patient comfort.

Intelligent positioning indicator

Intuitive positioning schemes and intelligent positioning prompts simplify positioning.

Low-dose flat-panel detector

A flat-panel detector with a large amorphous silicon (a-Si) coating with an optimized active matrix provides high spatial resolution and high image acquisition speed at a lower dose. 

Specialized mammographic X-ray tube

The high-performance tungsten target of the X-ray tube provides high image resolution for both dense and fatty breast density.

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