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Ventilator for intensive care CWH-8010

Product Code: CWH-8010
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A modern turbine ventilator for providing spontaneous respiratory support for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. The system can monitor and display ventilation parameters. The device is suitable for use in hospitals, as well as at home.

A new generation of ventilators

Cast construction and tight assembly of components;

Turbine device;

12.1'' touch display;

New interface design aimed at user comfort with the possibility of choosing a color set;

Intelligent system;

Display of three types of graphic indicators on one image;

Three levels of sound and visual notification.


The integrated turbine provides a continuous flow of high-speed air mixture - more than 220 l/min. with a quick compensatory response;

Comprehensive ventilation modes for volume and pressure control with a choice of pressure support, spontaneous breathing and non-invasive ventilation. The ventilator is suitable for a wide age range of patients and clinical


Quick response to the patient's trigger, which has a positive effect on the synchronization between the patient and the ventilator;

The device is designed to provide trend information and record events; long-term monitoring for all types of device ventilation parameters;

Wide range of tidal volume: from 2 to 2,000 ml. The system provides respiratory support for the patient.

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