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Infusion pump PG-807i

Product Code: PG-807i
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4.3 inch high brightness LCD display

with a touch screen and a convenient interface

• Meets IEC60601, high security level with dual processors

• Automatically determines the size of the syringe for 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50/60 ml

• A unique protection function is available

reserve on the engine to prevent DERS

(medicine error reduction system)

• Available Wi-Fi wireless network and a remote control system with an infusion central station (optional)

 Waterproof design

User-defined drug list: 20 kinds of built-in drugs, at least 2000 drugs can be saved, added, deleted or changed drug information

Library of medicines

• More than 5000 records of infusion information, pump status and alarms will be automatically recorded;

• All records can be transferred to a computer and saved in EXCEL format;

• Helps nurses or doctors monitor patients' clinical conditions,

by providing good treatment and research recommendations.

 Screen lock

• Automatic screen lock: "OFF"; or 15s-30min, 7 levels of choice;

• Greatly avoids wrong operations to reduce the number

accidents during infusion;

Anti-bolus function

When an occlusion occurs, the motor pump automatically returns some volume to avoid over-volume, which can injure

patients, and ensures safety

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