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Neonatal resuscitation table Alhena

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The main problem of therapy and treatment of newborns, in particular newborns with low weight, is that it is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature of the environment for the baby. To achieve this goal, there are currently some methods that require the use of various devices, among the most reliable, in addition to incubators, are newborn heating systems.

That is, open incubators with infrared radiant heating. Most often, they are used in delivery rooms and in intensive care. This system provides quick and easy access for the doctor or medical staff to the newborn, is the most used and effective method to maintain both the baby's body and the bed at the ideal temperature. The infrared heating system minimizes heat dissipation, thereby providing maximum comfort for the child and stabilization of the microclimate.

Taking into account all aspects of a safe environment for a newborn, ALHENA and ALHENA PLUS heating systems are the most suitable and safe for the health of a small patient. The Alhena Neonatal Warming System is considered the best equipment for adaptive and flexible use, as it allows direct control of the temperature and general condition of the baby, and also provides free access without any restrictions to the baby for the most effective way of resuscitation, oxygen therapy, and emergency medical operations. that require more than one person.


  • Automatic mode: the heating level is controlled by a microprocessor that uses the patient's skin temperature sensor to create and maintain the temperature level set by the medical staff;
  • Manual mode: the heating level is set directly by the operator;
  • Preheating mode: the heating level is automatically set to 30% of the maximum heating.

A skin temperature sensor designed to read the peripheral temperature is used to monitor the patient's body temperature. This sensor keeps working even when used with twins.

The parameters of the child's temperature together with the set temperature (in automatic mode) or the set percentage of heating (in manual mode) are displayed on a special digital display.

A full set of alarm systems ensures maximum operational safety: the device is equipped with visual and audible alarms to warn of overheating or hypothermia, malfunction and/or disconnection of the skin probe, and power failure. The index can be monitored using a digital timer and an acoustic signal interval of 1, 3, and 5 minutes from activation. A heating aquagel mattress (option) is suitable for controlled heat distribution with the help of servo control. Also, the system is equipped with a radio-transparent cassette under the patient's bed.

Strict and precise heating control guarantees the absence of high temperature contrasts. High maneuverability of the bed, which can be adjusted 360° with the help of a circular mobile system equipped with handrails that can be individually adjusted, raised and lowered, removed.

An optional offer is available: a system height adjustment pedal may be included in the delivery package. When adjusting the height, the distance between the bed and the heating element does not change.

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