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Professional medical nebulizer (inhaler) MEDPLUS 1

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Professional medical nebulizer (inhaler) MEDPLUS 1 is a compressor nebulizer for professional use, ensuring the correct conduct of aerosol therapy using a flow control system. The MED 2000 professional instrument is equipped with a flow measurement system and a manual regulator that ensures a constant set operating flow. Each piston (A, B, and C) sets a different flow rate for the same compressor system. The flow value, mainly determined by the diameter of the piston hole, sets a different ratio between the flow and pressure in the system. Since the operating point of the system (i.e. flow and pressure) is determined by the intersection point of the compressor operating characteristic with the sprayer operating characteristic, the use of different pistons means the movement of the operating point along the compressor characteristic, determining both the operating flow and operating pressure in the system.

Due to the lack of unambiguity in choosing between these two values and taking into account the above provisions, it becomes clear that with the exception of a few devices on the market in the professional sector and having a pressure gauge to control the pressure generated by the compressor, the bulk of nebulizers do not provide the amount of working flow recommended by manufacturers. The MEDPLUS 1 professional device is designed to implement a workflow management system. The parameters of the aerosol system can be optimized by maintaining the correct working flow of the compressor in accordance with the characteristics of the nebulizer declared by the manufacturer. The system is equipped with a compensated pressure flow meter built into the air line, capable of controlling and maintaining the amount of working flow.

A professional inhaler has a number of advantages:

  • Control system with Flow Meter;
  • Working time 240 minutes;
  • Portability;
  • Robust metal housing;
  • Three dispersion modes, which allows it to be used in the treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, lung diseases, as well as as a preventive measure against acute respiratory viral infections and can be used as a breathing simulator;

Nebulizers are equipped with:

  • Children's Mask: 5 pieces
  • Adult Mask: 5 pieces
  • Mouthpiece: 5 pieces
  • Silicone tube: 5 pieces
  • Nebulizer with three Pistons: 5 pieces
  • Filters: 1 piece
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