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Ambulance Van WAS 300 RTW 3.88T

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Ambulance was 300

Ambulance Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Panel van 3.88 T

The was 300 ambulance sets new standards for ergonomics, hygiene and patient handling. Thanks to modern technologies, such as, for example, a special 360° light alarm, a sound alarm, a compressor refrigerator, strong and lightweight furniture materials that are resistant to flammable and disinfectants, as well as a convenient stretcher table, this car challenges the future generation. With a maximum total weight of 3.88 K, the compact ambulance sets new standards for both patients and users.

Sunroof in the ceiling, also serves as an emergency exit

LED flashing lights in the form of flashing lights on the body, flashing lights at the intersection, penetrating flashing lights, as well as on the

360°alert device

Electronic siren installed under the engine in the front of the car

Rear alert system with the latest technology: built-in LED flashing lights with additional amber flashing lights

3 independent air conditioning systems each with its own compressor, for the driver's cab, for the patient's cabin and when the vehicle is disembarked

The solar fan functions when solar exposure hits the outside of the fan and the AC is turned off

Was electrohydraulic table with was Multi-Load system:

Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg regulations

Height adjustable

Suspension mode

CPR mode

Lateral movement for efficient use of space and optimal patient treatment

Moving assistance for smooth and comfortable patient loading

IV holder hooks built into the ceiling

High efficiency LED lighting, including Blue injury light

Was SanSafe system: H2O2 spray system, hydrogen peroxide

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