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Electrocoagulator with monopolar section mode EK-250

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The EK-250 monopolar section mode electrocoagulator with a maximum output power of 250W is a device that can be used in all kinds of operations such as general surgery, orthopedics, urology, cardiovascular surgery and neurosurgery due to its high performance and microsurgery technology.

Patient safety is a priority in the device, so when powered on, the device tests all modes and determines there are no problems, then allows use and automatically shuts off the output if contact with the patient plate is lost.

The machine's cutting and coagulation warning sounds are different and may be noticeable during use. The device has two monopolar and one bipolar outputs and is suitable for use by two different surgeons simultaneously in bipolar mode, alternately in monopolar mode.

Thanks to the vessel sealing function built into the device, it is possible to seal vessels up to 7 mm.

Thanks to advanced memory functions, 50 different modes that are frequently used in the machine can be stored in memory and easily recalled with personalized names, and the machine can display the last 99 technical faults in the fault menu.

The electrocautery model EK-250 has two different motherboards, monopolar and bipolar. Thus, it is possible to continue work with another board in case one of the boards fails during operation and the device does not give a result. The connection ports of the device are universal and can be used with accessories of international standards.

Device operating mode

Monopolar - Bipolar

Memory function

50 different user settings can be added

Voice warning system


Device language

Turkish, English

Information screen/menu

LCD screen

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