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AQ-100 endoscopic system

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1. Compound Band Imaging (CBI)
By using a special light filter, the light source can emit light of the required wavelength - 440 and 540 nm. The total wavelength of light coincides with the spectral characteristics of hemoglobin adsorption.
Light with a wavelength of 440 nm is very well absorbed by mucosal tissues, and light with a wavelength of 540 nm is absorbed by subcutaneous veins (namely hemoglobin) so that in the CBI mode it is possible to highlight (enhance the clarity of) the venous lining. The CBI mode allows you to recognize heterogeneous neoplasms, integument damage, lesions, etc.

2. High image quality
The system is equipped with a high-resolution charge-coupled device (CCD, CCD) and modern digital image processing technology. These elements of the system are able to preserve the most realistic image, namely: color, contrast, etc. - all this ensures the best quality image.

3. Contour and structural improvement
The system supports two types of image enhancement: structural enhancement for viewing larger mucosal elements in high contrast and contour enhancement for viewing smaller elements (eg: capillaries).

4. Automatic brightness control
The innovative function of automatic brightness control provides the correct halo of light, which does not tire the doctor's eyes, thereby increasing the quality of the examination.

5. Scope ID function
Convenient function when using and managing the endoscopic set.

6. Function of hemoglobin improvement (HbE)
This function is used to obtain detailed images of the venous coating (the selection is possible both in real time and on ready-made images).

7. Electronic magnification
This function provides the maximum possible magnification without loss of image quality, namely: 1.2*, 1.5*, 2* from the original image.

8. Remote control
Auxiliary equipment can be controlled from remote switches or the front panel of the device.

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