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Endoscopic system AQ-200 FHD

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FHD Endoscopy System

Innovative technology, the future is now

Wireless power supply refers to a power mode in which electricity is first converted into other energy and then into electricity. The AQ-200 system uses non-radiative wireless power, and wireless power is achieved based on the magnetic coupling resonance principle.

For the diagnosis and observation of precancerous lesions

The CBI (Compound band imaging) technique takes full advantage of the absorption of specific wavelengths of light by hemoglobin and makes it possible to impart color (optical staining) to blood vessels and superficial fibrous structures by emitting combined light with a wavelength of 440 nm and 540 nm. Thanks to the use of a new image sensor, close-up images are sharper and clearer.


Quick reading of individual physician preferences

Simultaneous viewing of CBI and conventional images

The AQ-200 system supports dual image display, so there is no need to switch between normal light mode and CBI mode, you can simultaneously view CBI images and white light images in real time, which makes it easier to compare and identify lesions and improve diagnostic efficiency and accuracy. It is equipped with a 26-inch super-large medical monitor with enhanced dual image display effect.

RFID technology is additionally integrated into the AQ-200 system. According to doctors' working habits, it can support individual mode and one-click card passing, quickly read key setting information, reduce the time spent by doctors on tool setting, thus effectively improving work efficiency.

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