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Electrocardiograph 12-channel SE-1200 express

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SE-1200 Express is designed for recording ECG signals in adult and pediatric patients using surface ECG electrodes. The electrocardiograph is intended for use by physicians and trained medical professionals in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Characteristics and features:

• 12-channel electrocardiograph

• Color display, 8 inches diagonal


• Powered by AC 220V or DC sources - internal lithium-ion battery with professional power circuit, power management system and protection system

• Russian language support

• Full alphanumeric keyboard

• Simultaneous reception and amplification of the ECG signal from 12 leads, simultaneous display and recording of 12-channel curves

• Detection of faulty / disconnected electrodes

• Convenient high-efficiency recording by pressing the PRINT / STOP key

• High-resolution thermograph, built-in, recording frequency ≤300 Hz. A4 paper format.

• SE-1200 Express series electrocardiograph can store about 200 ECG files. Increases with the help of a USB disk


• Support for an accurate digital filter to reduce polarization voltage and other interference

• It is possible to freely choose automatic mode, manual mode, rhythm mode, R-R interval analysis mode or VKG mode

• Support for displaying ECG curves on a grid background

• Automatic isoline adjustment for optimal printing

• Convenient system configuration and file management

• Measurement function and interpretation function

• It is possible to transfer ECG data to PC programs via serial cable, network cable. The transmission is carried out using the Smart ECG Viewer program of the EDAN company (Option). It is possible to use different file formats: DAT, PDF, as well as additional ones (SCP / FDA-XML / DICOM). Data transfer to the software

management of ECG data in real time. • Size 420x330x120mm

• Weight about 5 kg

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