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Electrocardiograph 6-channel SE-601B

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SE-601B are used, first of all, in ambulatory ECG rooms, rooms for electrophysiological studies, emergency departments.

Characteristics and features:

• 6-channel electrocardiograph

• Color display, 5.7 inches diagonal

• Powered by AC 220V or DC sources - internal lithium-ion battery with professional power circuit, power management system and protection system

• Russian language support

• Full alphanumeric keyboard

 Simultaneous registration and amplification of the ECG signal in 12 leads

• Detection of faulty / disconnected electrodes

• Convenient high-efficiency recording by pressing the PRINT / STOP key

• Thermal printer with high resolution, recording frequency ≤150 Hz.

• Folded thermosensitive paper: 110 × 140 mm, 150 pages for recording high-resolution curves, calibration marks, paper speed gain setting

• Support for accurate digital filter to reduce polarization potential and other interference

• Choice of any mode without restrictions: automatic, manual, rhythm mode or R-R interval analysis

• The function of working with directions

• The possibility of using a barcode scanner (for quick scanning of a patient's individual barcode, provided that the hospital has a system for electronic storage of patient data and the availability of systems for scanning and identifying patients by reading barcodes).

• Display of ECG curves on a grid background

• Real-time ECG recording, pre-recording, periodic recording and arrhythmia-synchronized recording

• SE-601B series electrocardiograph can store about 200 ECG files. Expandable with a USB drive

• Measurement function and interpretation function

• The ability to transfer ECG data to the Smart ECG Viewer using a serial communication cable, a network cable (Option). Convenience of system configuration and file management. Work with several file formats: DAT, PDF and additional formats (SCP / FDA-XML / DICOM)

• Size 322x310x101mm

• Weight about 2.6 kg

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