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Electrocardiograph FX-8200

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The weight is only 1.2 kg, and the size is smaller than A4 format. But it provides excellent performance and allows you to use it in a wide range.


Interpretation/arrhythmia function 800 x 480 color LCD display resolution 6 / 12 ECG leads 6 / 12 channels per 110 mm paper Internal memory for storing ECG data LAN port for external connection



225 (W) x 180 (D) x 50 (H) mm


1.2 kg

Standard 12-lead ECG waveform recording:

The FX-8200 registers 12 ECG leads and prints waveforms and measurements on 110 mm wide chart paper. The hardware and software have been redesigned to improve the overall accuracy of ECG measurement.

Various recording formats

The operator can choose the desired format for recording waveforms from 3 or 6-channel, reporting. Automatic recording mode allows you to select one of them, as well as 3-channel +1 rhythm lead. In addition, if necessary, you can choose the format of the measurement report or an additional ECG analysis report.

R-R trendgraph research

The study of the trendgraph of R-R intervals is a standard function. Measurement and quantification of R-R intervals for the selected lead for a maximum of 5 minutes and recording the result in the form of a report. The report can be used as an indicator of vegetative imbalance.

Internal Memory:

The FX-8200 is equipped with an internal memory that can store up to 500 studies. The operator can view selected ECG recordings from memory and print them out as needed. You can also print a list of data.

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