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Exercise bike ergometer horizontal landing Eurocargo 3500

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The eurocargo 3500 horizontal ergometer exercise bike and Eurocouch 3500 with adjustable backrest are modern, high - performance products. The device meets the highest quality standards in testing for accurate assessment of physical activity in the field of diagnostics of cardiovascular and pulmonary function.

The patient's reclining position ensures the highest safety standards.

The following characteristics make this device really useful when performing complex physical activity tests, such as ECOSTRESS (Eurocardio) or nuclear medicine (Eurocouch)::

Load from 1 to 999 W

The Eurocouch 3500 has 3 remote-controlled movements: backrest tilt, saddle position, headrest position

The EuroSanacardio 3500 has 4 remote-controlled movements: backrest tilt, side tilt, saddle position, headrest position

Access for ultrasonic sensor (Eurocardio)

Convenient patient access thanks to the footrest and steering wheel support

Robust steel construction, compact mechanical unit

Stable and comfortable backrest, which allows the patient to maintain a stable position

Safe position of the patient in case of need for resuscitation measures

Easy adjustment of the backrest, seat and headrest with a practical remote control

Blood pressure measurement without interference (optional )

The load range is from 1 to 999 Watts. Guaranteed accuracy (Maximum error rate <3%)

RS232 or USB interface

Designed specifically for eco-stress, the Eurocardio model allows the operator to apply the necessary load to the patient to achieve results, and always work in extreme safety conditions.

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