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Pedal simulator-ergometer arms and legs Eurocomfort

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The ergometer is practical and easily accessible even for very severe patients.

The transmission is absolutely silent, and the load does not depend on the speed or speed of the pedals.

The flywheel and mechanical system provide a pleasant and smooth pedal stroke, contributing to a smooth examination. Its robust and stable design allows you to adjust the optimal position for each patient.

The position of the comfortable seat is motorized, so you can easily find the optimal distance from the pedals at the touch of a button.

The adjustable tilt backrest is also suitable for obese patients.

Handles on the mast help to climb and descend from the bicycle ergometer; handles at the bottom during the lesson help the patient to maintain the best stability during the test

Side handles and electrically adjustable seat

Adjustable internal computer unit

Load from 1 to 999 Watts

Control via an internal computer unit or an external system, via RS232 or USB

Steel and aluminum construction that can withstand a maximum patient weight of 300 kg

Almost no noise, even at high speeds, thanks to the exclusive Poly-V belt system


Different options are available for Eurosedeo and Eurocomfort:

Built-in blood pressure monitor

SMART header (allows you to perform automatic download protocols without the need to use external systems)

Built-in SpO2 meter

Bluetooth Interface

Wi-Fi Interface

Heart Rate monitor with Chest strap

Wireless ECG Module

In particular, the SMART option adds a 5.5" color touchscreen display, as well as the ability to independently control load protocols in watts (ergometry) or with frequency control (rehabilitation or training)

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