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Hemoglobin Analyzer H7

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Product Details:

Smart TFT color Screen

True color screen, intelligent voice, humanized experience, data changes are always at hand

ABS +PC material is hard, wear-resistant and antibacterial

White appearance does not depend on time and use, and is high in antibacterial properties

Accuracy test result

The accuracy of our hemoglobin analyzer CVis≤1.5%, because the quality control chip is adopted for internal quality control.

Unique Microfluidics, the top domestic craft

Unique disposable microfluidic chip, one-time use, completely eliminate transfer contamination

Small volume of blood analysis

7µL of blood volume is enough to support one test.

Get the test result within 3 seconds

Within 3 seconds, the Hb analyzer will show your results on a large TFT display.

The accuracy can be comparable to large devices.

Large data storage

It can support storing 2000 results.

Large Physical button, Permanent Magnet suction feedback processing unit

After millions of tests, the button is still as sensitive as ever

Multi-wavelength spectrophotometric scattering compensation technology, direct sample, without sample pretreatment;

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