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Anesthesia system Caelus Lite

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The Caelus Lite anesthesia system is an ideal solution for the introduction of anesthetic and support of respiratory activity in operating conditions, the system leaves a minimal trace of surgery, has compact dimensions. The system uses technological solutions that provide the possibility of modular placement of components (possibility of additional equipment).

The innovative PureTouch user interface and 18.5'' touchscreen display enable comfortable and efficient use even under the most difficult conditions.


Orientation to efficiency

PureTouch user interface. Provides the ability to quickly switch between graphs, optimized navigation of ventilation parameter settings, which does not cause misunderstandings and does not distract the specialist from the set tasks. With the help of the 18.5" display, you can control the fresh gas mixer (RotaSphere); the read ventilation parameters are shown on the display;

Simple choice of ventilation mode. Choosing a ventilation mode has never been so simple. To facilitate the work process, the volume of the list of possible ventilation modes is limited to the maximum minimum, without a negative impact on functionality. A wide range of modes is available in four menus: manual / spontaneous, volume control, pressure control and pressure support;

Ergonomic design. The system is provided with an ideal balance between the optimal work process and overall dimensions. The Caelus Lite-M5 is a fairly compact anesthesia system with an integrated workspace for storing documents or other compatible equipment. An APL valve is placed on the patient's side. Other mechanical control devices are located within easy reach. Additional equipment can be placed next to the workspace on a special rail;

Lung protection

VoluProtect technology reduces the risk of lung injuries due to the use of the ventilator of the anesthesia system during manual or spontaneous ventilation. It has been clinically proven that the retention of constant high pressure can cause lung tissue damage. The technology was developed to protect the patient's lungs and alleviate the consequences, reducing the likelihood of volume trauma;

BaroProtect technology reduces the risk of lung injury due to the use of an anesthesia system ventilator during volume-controlled ventilation. Effective protection against barotrauma by limiting unforeseen pressure fluctuations (for example, with a sudden change in lung compliance). At the same time, a complete respiratory cycle is performed without any risk of barotrauma formation. The technology is equipped with functional capabilities to assess the patient's respiratory function to determine the pressure level at which it will be activated.

D FLOW technology provides a descending sequence of flow during ventilation with a controlled volume. Decelerated flow provides better results compared to typical constant pressure. This method reduces the likelihood of barotrauma at the end of inhalation, there is an improvement in patient-ventilator synchronization, which is good for patients who need a high flow rate at the beginning of inhalation; with this method, it is possible to achieve better oxygenation because most of the volume is delivered in the early stages of the inspiratory phase.

An economically sound decision

Durable flow sensors. The system is equipped with digital flow sensors for measuring flow intensity. Each sensor is tested and calibrated before installation. Sensors are suitable for autoclaving (134°) and can be used during the entire period of operation of the anesthesia system;

Long-term operation. At startup, a full diagnostic check is performed. Calibration procedures are performed automatically. Diagnostic tools such as Expert Mode allow additional testing of components without the need for special equipment. The ergonomic design of the pneumatic architecture makes the platform more accessible, and the detailed "Event Log" supports effective troubleshooting;

A timeless tool. There is an opportunity to join the Software Update Program and enjoy free software updates for eight years. Your anesthesia system will be updated as new software features become available.

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