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Aeolus ventilator

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Aeolus is a modern ventilator for use in hospital conditions, for the need for artificial lung ventilation in patients of different age categories - from pediatric to adult. Control and actuation is performed using computer technologies (microprocessor, pneumatic drive, respectively). The device provides continuous and variable ventilation support.


➢ Aeolus is a powerful device for supplying a mixture of fresh gas up to a speed of 180 l/min.;

➢ Guaranteed precision together with high performance and a wide range of available ventilation modes provide an unparalleled user experience. The device supports both invasive and

non-invasive modes of ventilation;

➢ Volume-controlled ventilation modes can provide a tidal volume of 20 ml, and

the specialized mode of PRVC reaches a volume of 5 ml;

➢ Aeolus comes with an ergonomic trolley and an 18.5'' full-color touchscreen display that provides

maximum flexibility when used in various directions. Innovative user interface

PureTouch enables comfortable and efficient use even under the most difficult conditions;

➢ It is possible to set all ventilation parameters with the possibility of choosing between seven

graphical curves (pressure, flow, volume, pressure-volume loop, CO2, and O2) with just one finger press;

➢ The device supports a wide range of modes for each patient: (S)CMV-PC, SIMV-PC, PRVC, Bi-Level/APRV, (S)CMV-VC, SIMV-VC, CPAP/PSV, continuous flow mode , resuscitation with T-

a similar adapter;

➢ Flexible system, it is possible to set the following parameters: FIO2, PINSP, PEEP, RR, I:E, trigger,

lift duration, tube compensation, SIGH, PSUPPORT, TV, inspiratory trigger, expiratory trigger,

sensitivity, flow;

➢ The display shows an extensive list of parameters for constant monitoring and understanding of the status:

TVEXP, TVEXP SPONT, TVEXP MAND, TVINSP, MVEXP, MVEXP SPONT, MVINSP, PPEAK, PEEP, PPLATEAU, PMEAN, PMIN, PTP, P.01, RRTOTAL, RRSPONT, FIO2, RSBI, FLOWPEAK I/E and VLEAK. It is possible to view graphic curves in real time, trend information, measured values.

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