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Newborn bilirubinometer BiliCare

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Accurate and convenient measurement and monitoring of bilirubin levels to assess the risk of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.

Ideal for use in the intensive care unit, newborn nursery, mother's room or pediatrician's office. The BiliCare System measures bilirubin levels using patented technology to provide accurate results. Its technology is based on spectroscopy. The system measures transdermal bilirubin levels in newborns by passing light with different wavelengths through the outer ear. The amount of light absorbed by bilirubin is calculated according to an individual algorithm.


  • The advantage of LEDs - LEDs do not deteriorate over time. No change in power or wavelength means no need for routine calibration. An optional calibration check allows the user to confirm the calibration if desired. The calibration verification process is quick and easy and provides instant results.
  • Communication Features - BiliCare includes communication features that can connect it to a PC and/or HIS via HL-7.
  • BiliCare Viewer - Unique software that displays results in tables and graphs. They can be printed and exported.
  • User-friendly and child-friendly - Only one measurement is required for each test.
  • LED transmission technology reduces variance and maintenance requirements - Less sensitive to motion artifacts and measurement differences based on user technique.
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