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Table bilirubinometer One Beam

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With its ease of use and amazing accuracy, One Beam provides accurate bilirubin information and the support doctors need.

One Beam allows for rapid photometric analysis of total serum bilirubin (total conjugated and unconjugated) using a capillary tube as an optical cell.

The concentration of bilirubin is determined using a photometric measurement at wavelengths of 455 nm and 575 nm: the first wavelength gives important information about the amount of bilirubin, the second indicates the presence of hemoglobin, a substance that interferes with accurate measurement of bilirubin levels.

Thanks to the algorithmic mathematical calculation, One Beam is able to eliminate the hemoglobin interference factor, which allows you to get accurate results of the level of bilirubin concentration in the blood. The results are immediately displayed on the One Beam OLED screen in mg/100 ml or micromoles per litre.

An important innovation of One Beam compared to previous GINEVRI models is the use of a single optical beam that illuminates the sample at one point, which is achieved using a special system of automatic filters. With this system, you can:

More stable signal - because when the light beam crosses the sample, it is cleared of all frequencies not useful for measurement, thereby reducing the phenomenon of bilirubin photoisomerization, which distorts the measurement results, guaranteeing a more stable signal.

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