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Neonatal incubator on casters OGB Polytrend

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Baby incubator with cover and bed, manufactured using one-piece molded polycarbonate, with a special door to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. One of the important features of the device is its incredible insulation quality and resistance to physical factors.

Simple and intuitive control panel

The control panel is equipped with an LCD display for displaying current indicators. All system functions are configured and activated with the help of a microprocessor. With the help of a practical button on the control panel, it is possible to switch to all menus and submenus, such as: main menu, settings, trends, etc.

Trends: air temperature, skin temperature, peripheral skin temperature, skin-periphery temperature difference, air-skin temperature difference, relative humidity, weight, oxygen concentration, heart rate and SpO2 (with graphs every 3, 6, 12, 24, 48 hours , or 7 days).

The device can be equipped with an additional color 10.4'' monitor (option) for a more detailed and remote review of the current condition of the small patient.


After enrichment with oxygen (if necessary), atmospheric air enters the incubator through a specialized microfilter (less than 0.5 μm), which is placed at the base of the bed. A duct fan draws in air from the atmosphere and pushes it into the heating chamber. After heating, the air is humidified with the help of a suitable device. At the end of heating and humidification, air enters the main compartment with the baby through special openings that do not cause turbulence dangerous for the baby.

The best solution for optimizing the quality of air supply and carbon dioxide removal, precisely because: fresh air and carbon dioxide enter and exit respectively from the system with the help of 118 special holes around the entire perimeter of the bed, which gives the microclimate of the main compartment a very low flow and air velocity.

Due to the special aerodynamic research of the hood of the incubator, the wrapping (air) along the walls creates the most comfortable microclimate around the newborn.

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