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Neonatal phototherapy lamp Mizar

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Double lamp for phototherapy and radiant heating. This equipment, which allows both top and bottom phototherapy as well as radiant heating, is unique and highly functional in phototherapy and heating emergencies.

The lamp gives the small patient an excellent therapeutic effect on bilirubin photosynthesis and an effective heating servo in a short time.

The equipment consists of:

  • An overhead lamp that allows both phototherapy and heating; It is equipped with an infrared radiating heating element for heating, 6 high-efficiency blue power LEDs for intensive phototherapy and 4 high-efficiency white power LEDs for lighting and examining the newborn, all integrated for use and control by an electronic microprocessor, control module;
  • Bottom therapy lamp from below, equipped with 4 high-efficiency blue power LEDs for intensive phototherapy;
  • Molding of a transparent PET plastic cradle with rounding;
  • Aquagel mattress for heat accumulation, permeable for UV phototherapy;
  • A special carriage that allows the cradle to assume Trendelenburg and Fowler positions, rotating on four wheels (two with brakes).

The heating system consists of a radiant quartz tube with infrared radiation and can be used in manual or automatic modes.

supplementing the already existing functions, manual and automatic, there is also a pre-heating function that ensures the delivery of 30% of the maximum heating power.

The phototherapy system utilizes the efficiency of Blue Power LEDs, which provide radiation that is superior to a conventional neon lamp, thus greatly increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

The lighting system is equipped with 4 daylight LEDs, which are a source of white light that ensures optimal visibility of the newborn.

The treatment is controlled by the same microprocessor control, which allows setting and monitoring, using a special timer, the current and remaining duration of therapy, as well as the total phototherapy time and the life of the LEDs.

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