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Electric Surgical aspirator SU60.10

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INSPITAL surgical aspirators are designed to suck out surgical fluids, gases and other waste in the operating area during and after surgery. The device creates a stable vacuum using an adjustable vacuum pump. The vacuum can be easily adjusted to the required level by using the vacuum level knob. The ESU is also equipped with a pressure gauge showing the exact vacuum level at the moment.

The device has an oil-free vacuum pump, so it does not require any maintenance. Inspital surgical suction device is silent, non-vibrating and powerful, with a flow rate of 60 l/min. Inspital also offers a surgical suction model with two pumps. The model with two pumps can be used for liposuction. The power of the Twin-Pump model is 120 l/min. The pump is manufactured using a protective technology that prevents overflow and leakage of liquid into the pumping system thanks to the built-in buoy system and a hydrophobic filter. The device has two jugs. The jug is selected using the jug switch button. The jug for collecting liquid has a large-scale body, a built-in and easy-to-carry handle. Inspital surgical suckers have a wide selection of cans, for example, with a capacity of 2 liters, 3 liters and 5 liters. The jars are made of autoclavable polycarbonate. Also available are 2 L and 3 L capacity options for disposable inserts with autoclavable polycarbonate cans. A wide range of accessories makes the device very suitable for various departments of the hospital. The two-tone durable housing is easy to clean and suitable for hospital disinfection system. The Inspital ESU device has a bamber base design and antistatic rollers. There is a hose storage compartment on the back of the device.

Main body, pump and control

-Fast suction with a flow rate of 60 l/min, adjustable vacuum force at 680 mmHg

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