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Magnetic resonance imaging system uMR 570 (1.5 MRI)

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Together with a unique fully digital imaging sequence, the uMR 570 magnetic resonance imaging scanner provides both a wide clinical field of application and simple methods of use.

Exemplary qualities

High-performance technical support

Fully digital rendering sequence

A specialized RF frequency modulation technology without power loss, this technology is applied to achieve full transformation and obtain the highest quality signal, so that the final image is high definition and low noise.

Integrated high density winding

The combined imaging technology captures the signals of each element of the winding simultaneously, thereby providing the possibility of conducting diagnostics of several or more organs at once.

Wide clinical field of application

The device meets the requirements for examining all parts of the body both in general medical practice and for specialized research purposes.

Technology to reduce traffic noise

In order to meet the various needs of clinical research, there is an optimized sequence of image acquisition and reconstruction, eliminating the possibility of artefacts of the movement of the head, orbits, abdomen, pelvis and other organs and parts of the body

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